Keynote 2 - HCL – Vision & Strategy

Day 1 at 16:00

Keynote 2 - HCL – Vision & Strategy
Es hat sich viel getan im Bereich der ehemaligen IBM Collaborations Produkte, aber HCL hat auch noch viel vor.
In dieser Session erhalten Sie einen Ausblick auf das was von HCL zu erwarten ist und vor welchen Herausforderungen man aktuell noch steht.
Richard Jefts
Speaker Bio
Richard is the Vice President and General Manager of HCL’s Collaborative Workflow Platform business. In this capacity, Richard is responsible for leading HCL’s multi-hundred
million dollar SaaS and Premise based Social, Mail, Meetings, Chat and Workflow / Apps Businesses. Richard’s responsibilities include day to day operations of the enterprise and portfolio leading ongoing engineering and next generation technologies. He leads the continuous delivery of software into the cloud, enablement of Agile development processes globally and overall quality and customer experience.