An introduction to configuring Domino for docker

Day 1 at 15:30

An introduction to configuring Domino for docker
9.0.1 FP10 brings support for Domino on a docker platform.  You may know that docker is a container solution but what does that mean and how could it affect your Domino infrstructure?  In this session we'll review how to install and run Domino in a docker container, whether it can support  external clustering and the decisions to consider when designing container architecture.
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Gabriella Davis
Speaker Bio
Gabriella Davis –Technical Director, The Turtle Partnership -is a highly respected member of IBM’s technical community and in 2016 received the first IBM Lifetime Champion award for her work with collaboration software. Her focus includes the design, deployment and administration of global infrastructures as well as the real world security and privacy aspects of expanding data ecosystems.